21st Century
Worldwide Leader Wapion

21st Century
Worldwide Leader Wapion

The core technology that makes the world more plentiful and happier, and its center is WAPION CO.,Ltd
WAPION CO.,Ltd does not simply make small components, but make the infinite technologies that are convenient, and to improve the quality of life and plentiful at nearer to the people.
More plentiful clean world to be opened with core technologies. that is the tomorrow that WAPION CO.,Ltd ‘s dreams.

CEO Message

We, WAPION CO.,Ltd have been dreaming to take a leap forward to a global comprehensive part manufacturer while manufacturing parts for water purifier, softener, bidet and humidifier since its establishment in 2002.
Based on a wise investment and securing of high-quality human resources, We have been accomplished innovative and a fluid development of new products, we also have been forged quality control and mass production with high quality.
With our management philosophy “The best is always different” , We are striving to keep pace with the rapid changes in the market.
We set our targets on not only the domestic market but also oversea market, we has been invested in R&D and production facilities.

Furthermore, every executives and staff members myself included trying to do our best for converting our dreams into reality and making the life more healthy and happy.
WAPION CO.,Ltd ourselves to be reborn as a world class company doing our best for the customers and realizing customer satisfaction, and to become an excellent company that fulfills its social responsibilities

Thank you