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Wapion Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer specialized in Sterilizer & Heaters with the parts and modules of Water purifier in Korea since 2009.
Recently Wapion Co.,Ltd developed Instant hot water faucet by our accumulated Know-how and High Technology for research & development.
Thank you for your kind attention and encouragement. Wapion Co.,Ltd will try to be your best partner for products development and go forward to be a best leader in this field.
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We consider the product’s quality as the top prioriy.

To keep this principal, all process is running under the ISO procedure.
Moreover, we test every single piece of fittings & valves with strict inspections.


Outstanding technology, the feedback grom customer’s enquiry

From the foundation in 1999, our focus has been on the products that afford
satisfaction to customers all around the world. While we deal with customers’
enquiry, we do our best to achieve better technology so taht our products
can accede to a demand.


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