Electric sterilize Faucet

Electric sterilize Faucet


  • You can use sterilized water By installing the Electric sterilize Faucet only.
  • Through electrolysis, tap water is transformed into sterilization, and this water sterilized harmful viruses to clarify the living space.
  • You can also, Use clean water instead of sterilized water.
  • Excellent sterilizing power and various way to use.


Purpose of use Electric sterilize Faucet
Warranty 2 years
Main Material POM, EPDM, SUS,Silicone
Tolerance ± 0.49 bar(7.1 psi)
Working Temperature 1℃ ~ 40℃(33 ~140 F)
Working Pressure 0.2 ~10 bar (3 ~ 142 psi)
Burst Pressure 10 kgf/cm² (150 psi)
Working Voltage. AC 220 V
Standard Connection 1/4″ fitting

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